With a new year, we have a new birthday for a favorite μ’s member. Yesterday saw the birthday of Love Live‘s Hanayo “Kayo” Koizumi. The geeky, slightly gluttonous member won fans over with her adorable style, bookish nature and humorous obsession with the school idol culture.

The previous birthdays we’ve covered, Eli and Rin, saw a massive outpouring of fan love for the characters, that was expressed in art, store displays, and even latte art! So, when social media exploded with affection for Hanayo, we couldn’t help but crack a bit of a smile.

Fans of all stripes came out to commemorate the day by unleashing their own muses.

Some produced amazing fan art, others came out with killer cosplay. A number of fans even came together to craft culinary creations! Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya artist Noizi Ito even got in on the occasion to draw an adorable birthday image!

On the corporate end, the Animate stores in Machida and Akiba both set up special displays to mark the occasion.

To see these outpourings of adoration from the fans is nothing short of incredible. We’ve collected our favorite images below. is there a piece of art that you loved, but we didn’t catch? Let us know in the comments!

Fan Art


Store Displays

Other Fan Items