In the Japanese social media scene, today is a truly interesting day. It’s an intersection of two very different fandoms, who come together once a year for an offbeat celebration.

On one hand, March 9th is the unofficial “Miku Day”. Its origins aren’t too different from the unofficial Star Wars Day in the west. And yes, it’s founded in puns.

Star Wars Day arose due to the way May 4th can be read as “May The Fourth,” which led to “May The Fourth Be With You.” March 9th, or “3/9”, can similarly be read as “Mi(tsu)-Ku.” Some refer to the day as “Miku’s Giving Day,” due to the fact that “3/9” can also be read as “San-kyuu” (“Thank you”).

And, as one would expect, it’s a day where fans post their favorite Hatsune Miku fan art for all to see. Social media, and image service like Pixiv are flooded with countless gorgeous pieces, which range from cartoony chibis, to delicately detailed masterpieces. We’ve posted a few of our favorites below.