This week, tens of thousands of fans are flooding to San Diego for Comic Con. Over the past decade, the event’s become a real showcase of the finest in geekery, from film, to video games, to, of course, comics. Fans pack crowded halls to get their hands on event-exclusive goodies, or to catch trailers for the hottest films in nerd culture, year after year.

Amid the media panels, the swag, and the general chaos, though, anime and manga companies still manage to make a showing year after year.

Last night, Conan O’Brien gave a brief shout-out to anime fans across the globe. A brief sketch starring Conan and Andy Richter gave both hosts a set of anime-inspired peepers, with hilariously horrifying results!

The segment was dubbed by veteran voice actress Veronica Taylor (Pokémon, Sailor Moon).

This isn’t the first time that Conan and Andy dove into the anime realm. During his tenure on The Tonight Show, O’Brien visited dubbing studio Bang Zoom! to record select scenes from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.