And now a entry into the “What the heck?!” files.

On Thursday, Ford began streaming a new commercial for their 2016 Focus. The ad, which uses footage from Dragon Ball Z, sees Krillin and Gohan debating on how three wishes from the mighty Namekian Dragon Porunga. After a bit of bickering and bantering, since one asks a mighty deity for three cars with unique features instead of something important, Porunga finally just gives Krillin and Gohan the damn Focus.

It’s quirky, it’s silly, and it really does work well with its tongue-in-cheek approach.

In Japan, Dragon Ball has been a perennial property in the advertising world. For example, recent promotions saw the franchise’s cast hawking Kentucky Fried Chicken and Nissin Cup Noodles.

Ford’s Dragon Ball ad is far from the first attempt to use anime-inspired properties to sell an automobile to the American market. In 2011, Toyota went all-out in a partnership with Crypton Future Media to use Hatsune Miku as a spokesperson. The company released numerous advertisements featuring the digital diva, as well as a special “Hatsune Miku” edition of their 2012 Corolla.

The commercials that were spawned as a result of this partnership were, well, “interesting” to say lightly.

Thanks to Anthony Simpson for the heads-up!