“Super Rare” Token Card

Get ready to d-d-d-duel this month!

Konami announced that they’ll host the first North American Yu-Gi-Oh! Day of 2016 next week. The event will be held at all retailers designated as “Official Tournament Stores” on the weekend of January 30.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Day will include of a Sanctioned tournament for the game. Entry to the event will cost $5.00 per contestant, which will also guarantee a prize worth the cost of the fee.

Tournament prizes include:

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Day Game Mat (First Place)
  • “Super Rare” Token Card (Top 8 Players)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Day is a semi-annual event that’s held through North and Latin America. The event first kicked off in July 2013.

Yu-Gi-Oh Day 2016 Game Mat 001 - 20160122

Source: Konami