Splatoon Callie Marie 002 - 20160430Hold on to your tentacles, it’s Inkopolis News Time!

Yesterday, Golden Week officially kicked off with Shōwa Day (formerly The Emperor ‘s Birthday and Greenery Day). For fans of Japan’s geek subculture, the day also coincided with the launch of Niconico Chokaigi. For the uninitiated, Niconico Chokaigi is an annual event, held at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe Convention Center that aims to bring the excitement of NicoNico’s online audience straight into meatspace. The event is packed with events, including appearances and shows by various celebrities.

This year, things got a bit squiddly thanks to Splatoon. Nintendo’s ink-redible online shooter quickly endeared fans with its vibrant world and colorful cast of characters. Since its launch, the title has remained in the Media Create and Famitsu weekly top-20 charts, and continues to find a way to splat its way into new homes with each passing week.

This weekend, Nintendo hosted a special “Squid Research Facility vs. the Public” tournament at NicoNico Chokaigi, which saw Nintendo’s finest take their Splattershots (among other implements) to the battlefield to square off against a random pool of players. The highlight of the event, though, came courtesy of a live concert by Inkopolis’s two brightest talents, the Squid Sisters.

Much like January’s show at the Makuhari Messe Center, the show was hosted using holograms, along with a live band playing the backing tracks. And, as one would expect, the Squid Sisters weren’t disappointed by their fans, who packed the house to capacity!

Two new songs made their appearance today, with Callie’s first solo piece appearing at 7:58. Marie was quick to take back the spotlight with a piece of her own, though, which begins at 9:56.

In addition to the concert, Nintendo announced that Callie and Marie will be making their jump to the Amiibo world. Inkopolis’s finest idols will be released in North America on July 8, in a double-pack which retails for $24.99. The two will be joined by re-colored versions of the previously released Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl, and Squid Amiibo.

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