PA Works Logo 001 - 20160614It’s a rare chance to take a look into the studio behind Shirobako!

Toyama-based P.A. Works is currently recruiting animators. The company is accepting applications through June 17 for positions that will be filled next spring.

To promote the positions and lure potential applicants, the studio released a 27-minute recruitment video. The feature offers a guided tour of the campus, which is led by CG characters Aniko and Anitarō.

The video is super cheerful and fun, right? Here’s where we make you sad.

New hires will receive a monthly pay of 37,500 yen ($352.85 USD), plus production earnings. After the first year, animators will receive a monthly meal stipend of 8,000 yen ($75.26 USD). Total annual pay before production earnings comes to 450,000 yen ($4,234.05 USD). With the lunch stipend, total pay comes to 546,000 yen ($5,138.01 USD).

In their first year, animators will be expected to produce 20 sketches per day. Furthermore, they will be required to draw an average of 350 stills per month in their first year. In the second year, the average monthly rate is bumped up to 500 stills per month.

P.A. Works offers a one-room dorm for animators, which includes a bathroom and kitchenette. The rooms cost 15,000 yen ($141.15 USD) per month, plus utilities and service fees. Animators who make use of the dorms will have a net take-home of 270,000 yen ($2,540.80 USD) per year after rent fees.

Source: Anime News Network