We’re back for another foray into the world of Sakura Wars! Who will we see this time, and just what will happen to Ohgami? Will he ever get a clue or find a spine? Find out in this installment!

 So this is the Grand Imperial Theater. If I remember, it was just built last year… I never expected it to be right in the heart of Ginza…

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Such a huge building… Surely nobody would suspect that a covert military squad is located in a playhouse like this…


Mr. Ohgami, this is your first time seeing it, isn’t it? Now then, let’s head inside through the front lobby.

 Whoa… what an impressive entrance hall! Still… it seems pretty careless to not have a guard posted.


 Still… it seems pretty quiet, doesn’t it?


 It’s because we’re performing tonight…


 (Performing at night? …Does she mean evening drills?)


 Still, it won’t be long until we re-open, and the audience will come pouring back in.


 Ahaha? Big brother, are you Sakura’s new boyfriend?


Meet Iris. She is this game’s token loli. She’s tiny, she’s blonde, and she talks in third person. She makes things 100% creepier, for the most part. For her archetype, though, I guess that means “mission accomplished?”


(Wh… who IS this kid?)

 Iris! You shouldn’t make fun of your elders. This is ensign Ichiro Ohgami, who just transferred to the Imperial Troupe.


 Er… I’m… Imperial Navy Ensign Ichiro Ohgami


 Imperial Assault Troop, Flower Brigade. Iris. And this is Jean-Paul, Iris’s most special friend. Please be nice to him, too.


A kid like this… she’s a member of a covert military force?!


 Hey, Sakura…


 What’s the matter?


 Big brother has strong spiritual energy, too… He’ll be be fighting in a “Koubu”, won’t he?


That’s right.


 Iris… hates war


Haha… cute kid, right? They say the darnedest… what the hell? That CAN’T be right.

WYeeeah… this kid ain’t right.

Well I’ll be damned. This kid’s got that whole “Omen” thing going on.

 Don’t worry, Iris. C’mon, let’s go to your room. I’ll read you a story from your Mother Goose book.




 Oh yes, Ensign Ohgami. Lieutenant General Yoneda’s is waiting in the manager’s office. If you’ll excuse me, I must be going.


 W…what was the deal with that kid? Sakura left with her, too… damn. There’s not much I can do about it. I guess I’ll go meet Lieutenant General Yoneda, myself.

From here, we get our first glimpse of the map. Later on, we’ll be traversing this to go to certain rooms in the theater. Right now, though, it’s just a fancy way of showing the player how he gets from Point A to Point B on the way to Yoneda’s.

??: Somebody! Please lend me a hand this instant!

 Who was that…? I could swear I heard a voice coming from the dining room…


Didn’t wanna ask, but… how the HELL does he know where the dining room is?

Meet Sumire Kanzaki: She’s gorgeous, she’s famous, and she’s 100% bitch.


 Whoa! Wha…What a bold outfit!


 Ah! You there!


 Er… are you talking to me?


 Is there anybody else in here? Lose that silly gawk and come here at once!


 Y-yes ma’am.


 Now, garcon, is it within your abilities to pick up the fork I dropped and bring me a new one?

Oh crap. What do I do? How do I act? She’s a bitch, but she’s gorgeous and rich and.. I’m just so…

Well… crap.

 Just a moment, boy! Do you not hear what I am saying to you?! Cease your dallying, and pick up that fork at once!!


 Why should I do such a thing for you..? I refuse! To start, that’s no way to make a request of somebody!


 Do you mean to imply that I should pick it up myself? You have the nerve to suggest that the dearest and only daughter of Kanzaki Heavy Industries, not to mention the star actress of this theater, and.. and… the TOP lady in Japanese high society, I, Sumire Kanzaki should do something so low as to pick up a fork that was dropped to the floor?! That IS what you are saying, is it not?! You are as good as fired! I shall report this to the manager at once, and see to it that you never work here again!

 (…Wut? It’s all fine and dandy for her to recite all of this, but… just who is this woman?!)

I’ll have you know that I am Ensign Ichiro Ohgami, transferred as of today into the Imperial Assault Troop. You can claim that I’m fired all you want, but I can’t go anywhere without a decree from the Navy’s general headquarters.

We have a saying in Rhode Island for situations like this: Aw, SNAP!



 Ah… oh dear… o-hohohohohoo… I could have sworn that you were a new addition to the waitstaff. Forgive me. Let’s see~… Ensign Ohgawa, was it?

It seems a healthy dose of humiliation is all it takes to soothe the savage beast, in this case.

 … … It’s Ohgami. Now, where might Lieutenant General Yoneda be?


 Mr. Yoneda is in the office down the way.


 This way? Than you very much!



Next time: Will Ohgami finally meet the General? What about those demons? When does the REAL battle begin? Tune in next time, to find out!