Love Live Key Movie Visual 001 - 20150201

No, we’re not talking about rival idol group A-RISE.

Yesterday, we reported that the Love Live! movie finally received its première date. It was announced that the film will hit Japanese theaters on June 13, 2015. More details were to be reported at 22:00 Japan time (8:00AM Eastern) today.

The official Love Live! website updated on-schedule, with plenty of news for fans of the franchise.

In addition to the film’s title, Love Live! The School Idol Movie, the site was updated with a 30-minute teaser and the first key visual for the film.

YouTube’s caption gives a bit more information about the film. (Rough!) translation below:

“Idol” in the “School!”

The school drama Love Live! School Idol Project is finally a movie!

6/13 (SAT) Roadshow

In order to save the closing Otonokizaka Academy, nine female students came together to form μ’s, a school idol group.

The school closing was blocked, and the School Idol celebration “Love Live” would be the last chance for the seniors to play a stunning finale and overcome numerous obstacles along the way.

So they were greeted with the graduation ceremony today. With the graduation of the third-years, μ’s is at its end. The nine who had come together go around the school while retracing their memories. And, as they are leaving the school gate, an one email is delivered to them. A new μ’s story will finally kick off!

“Fulfill everyone’s dream!”

We’ve posted the original text (and google translate output) below for verification.

Advance tickets to the film will be sold. The first edition of these will include one of ten character clear files, which features a brand new design. Ticket sales will open on February 7, 2015.


today updated with a 30-second teaser and a new main visual featuring the nine idols in new costumes for the upcoming all-new feature film Love Live! The School Idol Movie. The first edition of the advance tickets with newly drawn character illustration clear files of 10 types will go on sale on February 7. The highly anticipated film, whose story begins with an email the idols receive on their graduation day, opens in Japan on June 13.

Original Text from YouTube announcement


6.13(SAT) ロードショー

廃校の危機にある国立音ノ木坂学院を救うため、スクールアイドルグループ「μ’s」を­結成した、2年生の高坂穂乃果をはじめとする 9人の女子生徒たち。
彼女たちの活躍で廃校は阻止され、 3年生にとって最後のチャンスとなるスクールアイドルの祭典「ラブライブ!」第2回大­会では、数々の困難を乗り越えて見事決勝戦進出を果たす。
そんな彼女たちは今日、卒業式を迎えていた。3年生の卒業をもってμ’sはお­しまいにする。そう決めていた 9人は、思い出を辿りながら校内を巡っていく。そして校門を出ようとしたその時、彼女­たちのもとに1通のメールが届いて……! μ’sの新たな物語が遂に幕を開ける!!
「叶え! みんなの夢——。」

Google Translate output from YouTube announcement

Youth school drama “Love live Weaving and nine girls! “Is finally a movie!

6.13 (SAT) roadshow

In order to save the National sound Bruno Kisaka School in the crisis of the closed school, formed a school idol group “μ’s”, sophomore of nine women students, including Kosaka ear 乃果.
Their closed school in active is blocked, in the last chance to become a celebration of the school idol “Love Live!” The second Annual Meeting for the third grade, to play a superb finals advance to overcome a number of difficulties.
Her us today, had celebrated the graduation ceremony. With a third grade graduation μ’s to end of it. 9 people had decided so, go around the school while tracing the memories. And at that time you tried to leave the school gate, … Their is of mail arrived to the original! A new story of μ’s finally kick off! !
“Fulfill everyone’s dream! -.”