Love Live! fans just got a new reminder that μ’s is coming back this summer.

Earlier today, Lantis began streaming a 15-second TV spot for Love Live! The School Idol Movie on their YouTube channel.

YouTube’s caption for the short is identical to that of the PV that hit last week:

“Idol” in the “School!”

The school drama Love Live! School Idol Project is finally a movie!

6/13 (SAT) Roadshow

In order to save the closing Otonokizaka Academy, nine female students came together to form μ’s, a school idol group.

The school closing was blocked, and the School Idol celebration “Love Live” would be the last chance for the seniors to play a stunning finale and overcome numerous obstacles along the way.

So they were greeted with the graduation ceremony today. With the graduation of the third-years, μ’s is at its end. The nine who had come together go around the school while retracing their memories. And, as they are leaving the school gate, an one email is delivered to them. A new μ’s story will finally kick off!

“Fulfill everyone’s dream!”

The film is slated to hit Japanese theaters on June 13, 2015.

Advance ticket sales for the flick opened yesterday at select theaters across the country. Fans who are lucky enough to purchase one of the first-round “special pre-reserve” tickets will get a special ticket, which includes one of ten illustrations (one for each girl in μ’s, and a whole-group shot), as well as a matching clear file.

Love Live Movie Ticket Illustrations - 20150208

For those who are wondering just what the hell “Love Live” is, North American licensor NIS America has a trailer that does a decent job of explaining the gist of things.

Those who want to see more, can check the series out on Crunchyroll.

Image Source: Esuteru