Although she’s a fictional character, Love Live!‘s Umi Sonoda has seen a year as busy as flesh-and-blood idols. In the past year, μ’s bashful beauty cut a new single and helped to promote Lawson convenience stores, even becoming the chain’s poster girl for the latter months of 2014.

Today, though, it’s the fans’ turn to show their appreciation for the azure-haired idol. Today is Umi’s birthday, which means that fans have been showing up droves to deliver birthday messages in art, cosplay, and several other forms.

Even the official Love Live! game got in on the celebration, with a special gift for players.

Love Live Umi Birthday In-Game - 20150315

Yes, μ’s again helped to unleash the muses in fans across the globe, from humble fan artists to prominent character designers.

On the corporate end of things, we’ve seen greetings from organizations like Animate, Game Panic, and even Australia’s Madman Entertainment offering their warmest wishes to the character.

The response has been nothing short of amazing. We’ve collected our favorite images from the day below. Is there a piece of art that you liked, but didn’t we didn’t catch? Cosplay that we passed over? Let us know in the comments!

Fan Art

Corporate Greetings


Other Fan Items