Sound Euphonium Key Visual 003 - 20150206Apparently, we’d better watch out for the hooves on this pony!

Earlier today, PonyCan USA announced that they acquired the domestic rights to Four titles. The company will localize the following:

Garakowa (Vitreous Flower & Destroy the World) (Film)
Lance N’ Masques
Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers
Sound! Euphonium

In addition, Yasushi Miwa confirmed that Sound! Euphonium will stream on Crunchyroll starting this month.

PonyCan has plans to dub Sound! Euphonium, Garakowa (Vitreous Flower & Destroy the World), and Lance N’ Masques in English, though the actual production of the┬ádubs will depend on how each show performs during its streaming run.