Girls Dead Monster would be proud to see this new Angel Beats! footage.

Earlier today, Aniplex started streaming a 15-second promotional video for Angel Beats!: Hell’s Kitchen. The OVA will be an extra feature on the upcoming Angel Beats! Blu-Ray set.

Angel Beats!: Hell’s Kitchen will be written by series co-creator Jun Maeda. It was first announced in December, during a joint conference between Key Visual Arts and Aniplex.

Hell’s Kitchen is the second bonus episode for the series, with the first being 2010 OVA Angel Beats!: Stairway to Heaven.

The Angel Beats! Blu-ray set will hit Japanese retailers on June 28, with a suggested price of 26,800 yen ($221.80 USD). Those looking for more time with the Not Dead Yet Battlefront will be able to check out the franchise’s first visual novel when it hit Japanese storefronts on June 26.

Sentai Filmworks currently holds the rights to Angel Beats! in North America. They released the entire series, plus the OVA in a single Blu-ray set.