Speed Racer 001Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer! He’s a…

Where was I? Oh! Right!

The latest issue of licensing magazine Total Licensing reports that Tatsunoko Production is working on a new Speed Racer series. The company is building the show with a “modern audience” in mind, while planning a new licensing program to introduce the property worldwide.

It will mark the first time that high-definition episodes of Speed Racer are made available.

In 2011, the global rights to Speed Racer reverted to Tatsunoko Production from US-based Speed Racer Enterprises. Tatsunoko filed suit with Speed Racer Enterprises after learning that the American licensor was exploiting the license despite the reversion. The lawsuits were settled in December 2014, after all parties came to an agreement that the licensing of the series after the May 31, 2011 termination date was unauthorized, barring direct permission from Tatsunoko.

Speed Racer is one of the most iconic anime franchises in North America. The franchise has maintained popularity with mainstream audiences via popular culture, as well as numerous incarnations that include 2008’s Speed Racer: The Next Generation.

Source: Anime News Network