FUNimation Logo 001 - 20150503So, FUNimation titles are going to be a bit more Universal in retailers?

Okay, that was awful.

FUNimation announced that they entered a distribution agreement with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Through the agreement, Universal will manage the distribution of FUNimation’s entire DVD and Blu-Ray library, in addition to sales to retailers across the United States and Canada. This will be a multi-year agreement, though the specific terms are not known.

Universal Pictures Header 001  - 20150624
FUNimation CEO Gen Fukunaga gave a brief comment in the press release, stating that “Pairing Universal’s ‘best-in-class’ home entertainment distribution infrastructure with FUNimation’s superior anime properties, along with our marketing, production, and fan engagement capabilities, effectively positions our companies for enduring success […] We believe this new strategic agreement will create an important opportunity for us to strengthen our physical distribution business.”

Universal Executive Vice President & COO Mike DuBoise also gave comment, nothing that “the home entertainment industry continues to evolve, this agreement will create greater scale and opportunities for us across our physical distribution business, resulting in meaningful benefits […] It also allows us to double down on our efforts to acquire and co-produce shows, build brands for our partners, improve fan experiences at every touch-point, and further develop digital distribution capabilities.”

Source: Fandom Post