Viewster Logo - 20150412Viewster’s making its move into the subscription realm.

Earlier today, streaming video service Viewster announced that the company will launch a new subscription service known as Omakase (“Oh-mah-kah-say”). Omakase will be a multi-faceted service that spans both digital content and physical goods.

On the digital end, Omakase will offer ad-free HD video for Viewster programming, which includes anime simulcasts and streams among its niche content offerings. Free viewers will still have access to content, albeit in SD ad-supported format.

Viewster CEO Rob Pereyda was quoted as saying that, “[i]n terms of video, we see a combination of ‘never before released’ and ‘license rescue’—both have appeal if it’s the right title.”

On the physical end of things, Omakase will distribute a bi-monthly merchandise box, à la Loot Crate or Nerd Block. The boxes will include special-edition items, such as a gold-foil hardvoer manga, or a box-exclusive figure.

Omakase will feature a third pillar of content, though Viewster remains coy on what, exactly, it is. However, both the video content and this mystery pillar will be available via mobile apps.

Viewster’s streaming video service is currently available via the company’s web page, as well as apps on iOS, Android, Roku, and Microsoft’s XBox 360 games console.

Omakase is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2015. Viewster hasn’t announced a price, but they plan to bill customers on a bi-monthly basis.

The company will be at Otakon this weekend, with a few (hundred) Omakase “beta boxes”, which will be given away as prizes at the company’s Dealer’s Room booth.

The term “Omakase” literally translates to “I’ll leave it to you.” In Japan, the phrase is commonly used in restaurants to denote the “chef’s choice” dish.

Source: Anime News Network (Thanks to Otaku Review ‘s L.B. Bryant for the heads-up!)