Mind Game 001 - 20150817Despite the chilly name, Studio 4°C is ensuring that Netflix’s anime selection will be white-hot this September.

Yesterday, the studio announced that they will stream five titles on Netflix’s platform. The following will join the company’s lineup:

  • Princess Arete
  • Mind Game
  • Genius Party
  • Genius Party Beyond
  • Tweeny Witches

All titles, outside of Tweeny Witches will begin streaming on September 2. Tweeny Witches, on the other hand, has a tentative release date of September 15.

Previously, Studio 4°C announced that titles would be available in all areas outside of Brazil, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Arabic-speaking countries. Tweeny Witches had the added restriction from Latin America.

Earlier today, the studio clarified its statement, noting errors in its announcement. All titles will be available in English and Spanish-speaking countries where Netflix is available.

Source: Anime News Network