Remember the Hollywood Death Note film? Well, we have news!

Earlier today, Variety reported that Nat Wolff (Paper Towns) is angling for the lead spot in Warner Brothers’s Death Note film. Wolff is currently in final negotiations for the part, though a confirmation has yet to be announced.

According to Variety, Wolff’s character has yet to be named, but he’s described as “a student who discovers a supernatural notebook that allows him to kill anyone simply by writing the victim’s name.” Variety notes that Wolff’s character will compete against a “reclusive police officer” through the course of the film.

Adam Wingard (The Guest) was tapped to direct Death Note, while Fantastic Four writer Jeremy Slater wrote the latest draft of the script. Doug Davison and Brian Witten are attached to the project as executive producers, and Niija Kuykendall and Nik Mavinkurve are overseeing the film on behalf of the studio. Vertigo Entertainment’s Roy Lee, Lin Pictures’ Dan Lin, Viz Productions’s Jason Hoffs, and actor Masi Oka are pegged as producers.

Production is scheduled to begin in Spring 2016.

Source: Variety

Editor’s note: While we don’t have a name for the character, Wolff will essentially be playing the equivalent to Light Yagami.