Sentai’s heading further beyond the boundaries of the language barrier.

Earlier this week, Sentai Filmworks started streaming an English-dubbed trailer for Beyond the Boundary. The minute-long trailer offers a quick sample of the leading cast members’ performances.

Beyond the Boundary Visual 001 - 20150916Sentai revealed the full dub cast for Beyond the Boundary in mid-September. The series will star the following:

  • Akihito Kanbara: Clint Bickham
  • Mirai Kuriyama: Krystal LaPorte
  • Mitsuki Nase: Monica Rial
  • Hiroomi Nase: Adam Gibbs
  • Izumi Nase: Carli Mosier
  • Miroku Fujima: Houston Hayes
  • Shizuku Nimomiya: Amelia Fischer
  • Ayaka Shindo: Molly Searcy
  • Ai Shindo: Brittney Karbowski
  • Sakura Inami: Caitlynn French
  • Yui Inami: Sara Ornelas
  • Yayoi Kanbara: Luci Christian
  • Grandfather Nase: John Swasey
  • Additional Voices: Christopher Ayres
  • Additional Voices : Johnny DeLaCerda
  • Additional Voices : Cara Duncan
  • Additional Voices : Adam Gibbs
  • Additional Voices : Scott Gibbs
  • Additional Voices : Tiffany Grant
  • Additional Voices : Lainee Hooks
  • Additional Voices : Mark X Laskowski
  • Additional Voices : Brent Marshall
  • Additional Voices : Ronda Prasit
  • Additional Voices : Shannon Reed
  • Additional Voices : Gabriel Regojo
  • Additional Voices : Allison Sumrall
  • Additional Voices : Tiffany Terrell

Chris Ayres was tapped to direct.

Beyond The Boundary will hit retailers on DVD an Blu-Ray starting October 13. The series is available in its entirety in subtitled format on Crunchyroll.

Previously, Sentai Filmworks teased dub cast members via a series of YouTube videos. specifically, the company confirmed the roles for Mirai Kuriyama, Akihito Kanbara, Hiroomi Nase, and Mitsuki Nase. You can check all four out below:

Mirai Kuriyama

Akihito Kanbara

Hiroomi Nase

Mitsuki Nase

Source: Sentai Filmworks (Twitter)