Get ready for another dose of Magical Girl action!

Yesterday, Toei Animation opened a teaser website for its latest Precure series. The new show, titled Magic Girls Precure! (Mahō Tsukai Precure!, Magic Users Precure!) is scheduled for a spring 2016 debut on Japanese TV.

Maho Girls Precure 001 - 20151127

The website also includes a short teaser of the show’s premise:

Two worlds will now be joined, with the magic words “Cure-Up Rapapa!”

Maho Girls Precure! will follow the currently airing Go! Princess Precure, which kicked off on Japanese TV in February.

The original Pretty Cure is currrently streaming in its entirety on Crunchyroll. Smile Precure!, which aired in 2012, will stream on Netflix under the localized title Glitter Force.

Netflix Glitter Force Promo 001 - 20151127

Source: Otakomu

Update: 11/27/2015: We mistakenly noted that Smile! Precure is the first entry in the series to be translated for the west. We’ve updated our coverage, and apologize for the inaccuracy