It’s a special day for K fans! So, does that mean we can call it a Special K Day?

Earlier today, the K production staff announced that a new series is in the works. The new series, titled K Seven Stories, will see Shingo Suzuki (Coppelion) return as director and character designer at studio GoHands. Both GoRa and GoHands are credited with the original story. GoRa and Suzuki will also collaborate on a new short story, though no details are known about the work as of press time.

K Seven Stories Visual 001 - 20160430

A promotional effort known as the “K Supporters Clan” will launch to commemorate the series, with more details due to hit this fall.

In addition to the new anime series, a K stage play was officially unveiled. The show, titled K -Lost Small World-, will open at the AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo on July 22. The show will run at this location through July 24. The show will them move to the Kyoto Gekijō for shows on July 30 and 31.

K -Lost Small World- will adapt Yukako Kabei’s spinoff novel of the same name.

The news was revealed at the K – Do you know K? fan event.

Viz Media holds the domestic rights to KK: Missing Kings, and K: Return of Kings. The series is currently available for streaming via Hulu and Viz Media’s website.

Sources: Esuteru, YaraOn!