It looks like a popular variety show will find a brand new life in animated form!

Yesterday, NHK revealed that variety show LIFE! Jinsei ni Sasageru Konto will receive an anime adaptation. The new show, which stars comedy duo Teruyoshi Uchimura and Kiyotaka Nanbara, kicks off tonight at 10:25PM local time. The first episode is titled Hinosuke, Hikoyoshi’s Summer Vacation (Hikosuke, Hikoyoshi no Natsuyasumi)

LIFE Jinsei ni Sasageru Konto Visual 001 - 20160804

The anime will be helmed by Haruki Kasugamori at studio Fanworks, with Aruji Morino serving as an animator on the project. The confirmed voice cast includes:

  • Hikosuke: Uchimura
  • Hikoyoshi: Nanbara
  • Kanji Mitsutani: Uchimura (Episode 2)
  • Uso Tarō: Gen Hoshino (Episode 2)
  • Dōshitarō Kashan: Tsuyoshi Muro (Episode 2)
  • Squid King: Muga Tsukaji (Episode 2)

Episodes of the series will air as part of the core LIFE! Jinsei ni Sasageru Konto show, which makes light of the various joys and sorrows of everyday life.

Source: Anime! Anime!