Chargeman Ken 001 - 20160813Get ready to charge forth into the, uh… past?

Earlier today, Discotek Media announced that they licensed Chargeman Ken. The publisher will release the series on DVD, though a specific release date wasn’t unveiled. Discotek will also stream the series on digital outlets.

Chargeman Ken is an original series from Knack Productions. The 65-episode series, which aired in 1973, was helmed by Noboru Miura. Eiji Tanaka (Astroganger, The Adventures of the Little Prince) provided character designs, while the team of Masaaki Hokuta and Toyohiro Andô (Cyborg 009, Magnos The Robot) wrote the scripts.

Chargeman Ken saw a mild resurgence in popularity in 2007, after Line Communications released the series on DVD. A cult following formed, leading to the property finding a home on NicoNico in the form of MAD remix videos