Get ready, music fans! Plasmagica’s back and (possibly) better than ever!

Earlier today, the official Show By Rock!!# anime website updated with a new promotional video. The minute-long teaser offers a brief overview, and confirms the show’s première date.

The series will début on Tokyo MX on October 2, at 10:00PM local time. The series is also slated to air on Yomiuri TV, TV Aichi, and BS11. Streaming viewers will be able to catch the show through the dAnime digital storefront.

The teaser also revealed the show’s opening and closing theme songs. Both the opening, Heart wo ROCK!!, and closing theme My Song Is YOU!! will be performed by in-show group Plasmagica.

In addition, the site updated with a trio of cast reveals. The following will join Show By Rock!!# as members of in-show group Bud Virgin Logic:

  • Eileen (Guitar & Lead Vocals): Ruriko Noguchi
  • Paypain (Bass): Aimi Tanaka
  • Handrek (Drums): Ibuki Kido

Visuals for the three new characters were released, which you can check out below:

Show By Rock Season 2 Visual 001 - 20160704Takahiro Ikezoe (Ozma) will return to direct the series at Bones, with Touko Machida (Chaika – The Coffin PrincessKarneval) taking charge of series composition. The confirmed cast includes:

  • Cyan: Eri Inagawa
  • Retoree: Manami Numakura
  • Chuchu: Sumire Uesaka
  • Moa: Ayane Sakura
  • Crow: Kisho Taniyama
  • Aeon: Kouki Uchiyama
  • Yaiba: Tetsuya Kakihara
  • Rom: Yoshimasa Hosoya
  • A: Saori Hayami
  • Un: Eriko Matsui
  • Daru Dayu: Megumi Han
  • Shuzo: Mamoru Miyano
  • Riku: Ayumu Murase
  • Kai: Ryota Ohsaka
  • Lojia: Rina Hidaka
  • Tsukino: Ai Kayano
  • Holmy: Hiromi Igarashi
  • Jacqueline: Rie Murakawa
  • Mable Arisugawa: Yuji Ueda
  • Chitan (Lead Vocals & Piano): Yusuke Kobayashi
  • Orion (Violin): Taku Yashiro
  • Seren (Bass Guitar): Eishin Fudemura
  • Arugon (Drums): Chiharu Sawashiro

The original Show By Rock!! aired during the spring 2015 broadcast season. Funimation currently holds the rights to the title in North America. The show is currently available on  YouTube and FunimationNow

Source: MoCa News