studio-triggerIf you live in the Pacific Northwest and want a large con filled with thousands upon thousands of like minded individuals, you go to SakuraCon. If, however, you prefer quieter settings with only a couple of thousand others who share your passion for anime and manga, you head to KumoriCon.

Always located somewhere around the Washington/Oregon border (this year the con is being held at the Portland Convention Center), KumoriCon has always been a small con that doesn’t attract too much attention. While they’ve been going strong since 2003, KumoriCon has never attracted more than 7,000 attendees in a single year. That might change, though, as this year they’ve made a HUGE guest announcement.

Earlier today, it was revealed that, for the first time ever, KumoriCon will host a pair of Japanese guests. Not just any Japanese guests, mind you, but Shigeto Koyama (media designer) and former studio GAINAX member Hiromi Wakabayashi (script writer – Kill la Kill episode 4, creative director – Space Patrol Luluco) from Studio TRIGGER.

If you’re in the Pacific Northwest and are interested in learning more about the industry, I strongly suggest and urge you to check out this con when it happens October 28th through the 30th in Portland, Oregon.

Pre-registration is open now via their official website.

Source: KumoriCon