Hang on tight, folks, because life’s about to get a little more eccentric!


Earlier today, the The Eccentric Family (Uchoten Kazoku) anime staff announced that a second season is in the works. The series was officially unveiled at the “Uchoten Kazoku Kendochorai” stage event at this year’s Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair.

The new installment, titled The Eccentric Family 2 (Uchōten Kazoku 2), will adapt Tomihiko Morimi’s second novel in the series.

The core staff from the first season will return to work on the series, including director Masayuki Yoshihara and original character designer Kōji Kumeta Kumeta (Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei). P.A. Works will produce the show’s animation, while Lantis handles the show’s music.

Additional announced staff members include:

  • Original Story “Uchoten Kazoku – Nidaime No Kichou”(Gentosha) : Tomihiko Morimi
  • Original Character Design : Koji Kumeta
  • Director : Masayuki Yoshihara
  • Screenplay: Ryo Higaki
  • Character Design / Animation Director : Kosuke Kawatsura
  • Art Director : Yusuke Takeda & Harumi Okamoto
  • Music Produced by : Lantis
  • Animation Produced by : P.A. WORKS
  • Produced by: “Uchoten Kazoku 2” Committee

In addition, the main voice cast mebmers will return to reprise their roles. Confirmed voices include:

  • Yasaburo Shimogamo: Takahiro Sakurai
  • Yoichiro Shimogamo: Junichi Suwabe
  • Yajiro Shimogamo: Hiroyuki Yoshino
  • Yajiro Shimogamo: Mai Nakahara
  • Benten: Mamiko Noto

Several of the major team members commented on the news:

Tomihiko Morimi (Creator)

‘Once again, I have written another novel difficult to visualize.’
This was my thought when I finished writing the sequel. As a clumsy writer, I have lost my proper consideration for the production staff and could not withhold my wild fantasies. When I reflect upon the countless obstacles that everyone in the production staff will be facing, I am in endless remorse. Please, forgive this rambunctious author. This is an abbreviated formality, but with this comment, I hereby express my apologies, and offer my prayer for the birth of a masterpiece greater than the first season.

Masayuki Yoshihara (Director)

The highlight of “Uchoten Kazoku 2” is the attractive new characters. Please watch and read the first season, and then enjoy this new world to the fullest.

Tomihiko Morimi (Producer)

To visually adapt part 2 of the original novel, I felt the need for greater determination and to become more adventurous, even more than the previous season. We want to make this animation, but if we become careless, we’ll end up in the Tanuki pot. In a world surrounded by fluffy furballs, we crave for that taste of happiness we previously had. We may roast in the inferno flames if we fail to grab hold of the spider’s thread. Many thoughts filled my mind, and I realized that what were previously whispers coming from the fool’s blood have now gathered into a resonating song.
Make waves all the time, make it go-go, disturb order all the time, disturb it ho-ho♪ […] By humming this song, even when I’m looking over the edge of the Friday’s Fellows’ Tanuki pot, I can dance with a smile.

The show’s official website also opened its doors with a key visual, which you can check out below:


The Eccentric Family is based on Tomihiko Morimi’s novel of the same name. The first season was helmed by Masayuki Yoshihara at P.A. Works, with Kousuke Kawazura providing character designs. Shôtarô Suga (Darker Than Black, The Seven Deadly Sins) was in charge of series composition. The series aired during the summer 2013 broadcast season.

Source: PARUS (Press Release)