children-who-chase-lost-voices-visual-001-20161007While it’s not Your Name., this is still a film that shouldn’t be missed!

Yesterday, Adult Swim’s Toonami block announced that they will air anime film Children Who Chase Lost Voices (Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo). The feature will air on November 5 at 3:00AM, following One Piece.

Children Who Chase Lost Voices is an original film from Makoto Shinkai (5 Centimeters Per Second, Your Name.). Shinkai wrote the screenplay, and directed the feature at CoMix Wave Films. Takayo Nishimura (5 Centimeters Per Second, Lupin the 3rd: Green vs Red) provided character designs, while Tenmon (Voices of a Distant Star, 5 Centimeters Per Second) scored the soundtrack.

The feature
debuted in Japanese theaters on May 7, 2011. Sentai Filmworks currently holds the domestic rights to Children Who Chase Lost Voices. They describe it as:

When she hears a strange song from a crystal radio, Asuna tunes into more than just a magical stream of music. Soon, she is transported to a mysterious world named Agartha, where mythical beasts roam and brave warriors fight for their lives. Agartha is a land of breathtaking beauty and unimaginable danger—a place where, it is believed, even the dead can be brought back to life for a price… Join the Children Who Chase Lost Voices on a journey of a lifetime!

Source: Facebook (Toonami)