Green Legend Ran's Pioneer DVD Boxart

Green Legend Ran’s Pioneer DVD Boxart

Sentai’s taking fans on a trip to the long-forgotten year of 1992, no DeLorean required.

Earlier today, Section23 Films issued a press release containing their February 2016 release lineup. In the release, they revealed that Sentai Filmworks acquired the domeistic rights to Green Legend Ran. The title is slated for a February 21, 2017 release, and will include both Japanese and English audio.

Green Legend Ran is a three-episode OVA series from 1992. The title was directed by Satoshi Saga (Armitage IIIHunter x Hunter OVA) at studios MTV (Episode 1) and AIC (Episodes 2 & 3), with Yoshimitsu Ohashi (Devil Hunter Yohko) providing character designs. Yū Yamamoto (Mobile Suit GundamTime Bokan) wrote the OVA’s scripts.

Pioneer originally released Green Legend Ran on VHS and DVD in North America. Sentai Filmworks describes the title as:

The objects fell from the sky, swallowing most of Earth’s water, vegetation and animal life. Now, while the remnants of humanity struggle to survive in a world of endless deserts, the followers of the alien Rodo rule from enclaves that control the little water that is left. However, not everyone is willing to bow to the Rodo and their disciples, and resistance groups like Hazzard continue to fight back. Seeking revenge against the man who killed his mother, a young man named Ran sets out to join Hazzard, but fate intervenes and he finds himself in the middle of a battle between the two sides. Hoping to rescue a beautiful silver-haired girl named Aira, Ran will ultimately take on an even greater mission: to learn the shocking secrets that both Hazzard and the Rodoists have been hiding from the world.

Source: Section23 Films (Press Release)