So, this is a series about sukiyaki ingredients, and they protect Gunma… sounds like a short-form show to me!


Earlier today, Studio 4°C announced that they will produce a new short-form anime TV series, titled Sentai Heroes Sukiyaki Force – Gunma no Heiwa o Negau Season (Sentai Heroes Sukiyaki Force – The Season of Wishing for Gunma’s Peace). The show, which is a co-production with Gunma TV, will première on the network on January 9. Five-minute episodes will run every day, at 6:35PM local time.

Studio 4°C released a 15-second promo video for the series, which you can check out below:

Akiko Saito was tapped to direct the project, in addition to filling the roles of animation director and director of photography. Kanako Takeuchi will fill the dual role of character designer and key animator, while Gunma native Masato Hori writes the scripts and directs the dialogue.

Other confirmed cast members include:

  • Original Character Designer: Shojiro Nishimi
  • Storyboards: Takahiro Tanaka
  • Layouts: Takahiro Tanaka
  • Colorist: Wakako Takahashi
  • Music: Akihiro Nakajima
  • Sound Director: Akihiro Nakajima

The confirmed voice cast includes:

  • Shiitake: Shohei Abe
  • Wagyu: Shohei Abe
  • Professor Warishita: Tomu Miyazaki
  • Tofu: Tomu Miyazaki
  • Negi: Sugatsu Kanayama
  • Shungiku: Sachiko Sasaki
  • Shirataki: Shuko Nemoto
  • Hakusai: Yusuke Sato
  • Choux Cream: Gappai

Sentai Heroes Sukiyaki Force – Gunma no Heiwa o Negau Season will be a surrealist comedy, which aims to highlight Gunma prefecture’s self-sufficiency in producing sukiyaki ingredients. The show will focus around the Sukiyaki Force, who are led by Professor Warishita, as they do battle against the evil forces of Kiraida.

Source: Anime! Anime!