Start counting down the days FMA fans because it’s been revealed that the live action movie coming out of Japan is only a year away!

At a live stage announcement held at the recent Tokyo Comic-Con, the cast and crew of the movie revealed that the movie is currently scheduled to be released in December 2017.

The movie, which was filmed in Italy, will be directed by Fumihiko Sori and stars Ryousuke Yamada who will be playing a twenty year old Edward Elric. You’ll recall that Edward was only fifteen in the manga and has thus been aged up for the movie which makes me wonder if other characters such as Winry (who is being played by Tsubasa Honda) will be given the same treatment.

For those who missed it last month, a teaser trailer for the movie has already been released which reveals Edward in costume and a very small peek at Alphonse who will be inserted into the movie via CGI.

Via SG Cafe