You read that right: from Urusei Yatsura to Rin-Ne, Rumiko Takahashi’s entire body of work can be had on a Kindle.

Earlier today, Shogakukan started offering digital editions of 66 collected volumes (tankobons) from Rumiko Takahashi’s body of work. Specifically, the company released the following in eBook formats:

  • 1orW (1 volume)
  • Inuyasha (56 volumes)
  • Mermaid Saga (3 volumes)
  • One-Pound Gospel (4 volumes)
  • Rumiko Takahashi Short Story Anthology (2 volumes)

With the release of these five titles, Takahashi’s entire body of work is officially available in digital form.

As of press time, the first volumes of Takahashi’s five main works, Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2, Maison Ikkoku, InuYasha, and Rin-Ne (Kyokai no Rinne), are available for free on select digital storefronts. The promotion will run through April 5.

Furthermore, Shogakukan announced that, with the release of the 35th collected volume of Rin-Ne, the total print run of Takahashi’s body of work surpassed 200 million books worldwide. Shonen Sunday‘s “Web Sunday” website is also hosting rough drafts of the final chapter of InuYasha and the first chapter of Rin-Ne.

A new one-shot story by Takahashi, titled Sennen no Mushin (Mindlessness For 1,000 Years), made its d├ębut in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Sunday (Volume 17, 2017). The cover is a celebration of the artist’s work, with characters from Takahashi’s entire career appareing against a red background.

Source: Crunchyroll