This is no mind game, folks. Masaaki Yuasa’s 2004 masterpiece is coming to Blu-Ray!

Earlier today, Anime Limited and Studio 4°C launched a Kickstarter campaign to release Mind Game on Blu-Ray. The campaign sought £4,500 ($5,599 USD) to produce a home video version of the film. Within hours, the campaign broke this initial goal.

Since reaching the main goal, the campaign has raised an additional £8,640 ($10,791.37 USD) bringing the total to £13,140 ($16,366 USD) across 305 backers. The average contribution is £43.08 ($53.80)

At this point, the campaign has broken its first stretch goal, which guarantees French subtitles and an additional 20 pages in the Blu-Ray’s companion booklet. The next stretch goal will be for Latin American Spanish subtitles, though a specific goal hasn’t been revealed for this as of press time.

Anime Limited hopes to ship rewards to backers by August.

Mind Game is a 2004 film based on Robin Nishi’s manga of the same name. The film, which was directed by Ping Pong director Masaaki Yuasa, is known for its unique visual style, which mixes several disparate animation styles. The feature won numerous awards, including 2005’s Mainichi Film Award and the Animation Division Grand Prize at 2004’s Japan Arts Media Festival. Numerous directors, including the late Satoshi Kon, praised the film.

Source: Kickstarter