You are already educated.

On July 20, Nagano Prefecture’s Saku-city announced that manga author Buronson donated 400 million yen ($3,598,578.56 USD) to the city. The author contributed the funds, in order to establish a new non-refundable scholarship fund. The program, known as the “SAKU Cosmos Scholarship Fund,” will provide one million yen for ten students in the city for the next four years.

The scholarship fund was created as a means to aid the younger generation, who have aspirations for higher education but lack the funds to achieve their goals.

Buronson, who is best known for writing the scripts to Fist of the North Star, was born in Saku-city on June 16, 1947. He recounted his youth in a statement given during the press conference, noting:

My family was very poor. So, after I graduated from junior high, I joined the Self-Defense Force. Because I didn’t like studying, I had no desire to pursue higher education. If I went to high school, though, I’d have certainly lived a different life.

Saku-city plans to open a cram school for aspiring manga authors. The institution, which will be named “Buronson 100-Hour Manga Cram School,” will offer free tuition, and Buronson will pay all operating costs. Buronson, along with other manga authors and writers, will host five-hour lectures during the course.

Buronson 100-Hour Manga Cram School will offer 20 courses, which will run from April 2018 to March 2019. Each class will have a maximum of 30 pupils. Buronson recorded a short video about the school, which you can check out below.

Source: Asahi Shimbun