The Aria Company just doubled in size today!

Earlier today, Right Stuf’s Kickstarter to produce an English dub for Aria the Animation broke its $180,000 stretch goal. With the threshold met, the publisher will produce a dub for Aria the Natural‘s first thirteen episodes. The second half of the series will also be dubbed if the Kickstarter reaches $240,000.

The dub will be available in both 2.0 and 5.1 formats. The confirmed voice cast includes:

  • Jessica Calvello
  • Lisa Ortiz
  • Michelle Knotz

Right Stuf revealed that producing the dubs for Aria the Animation and Aria the Natural in one session would reduce overhead across the board, due to economies of scale. If the Kickstarter fails to reach the $240,000 dubbing goal, additional funds will be used to lower the overall cost of a future dedicated Kickstarter for the adaptation.

As of press time, Right Stuf has raised $$180,057 across 1,566 backers, with an average contribution of $114.98 per backer.

The campaign broke its first stretch goal on August 17, which ensures that the dub’s soundtrack will receive a 5.1 surround mix.

Pied Piper, Inc. confirmed that they are assisting with the adaptation.

Aria the Animation adapts Kozue Amano’s Aria manga. The 2005 series was helmed by Junichi Sato (Kaleido Star, Slayers Premium), who also handled series composition for the project at Hal Film Maker. Makoto Koga (Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan, Macross 7 the Movie: The Galaxy’s Calling Me!) provided character designs for the series.

Right Stuf describes Aria the Animation as:

In the early 24th century, Mars has been terraformed by mankind into a sparkling planet covered in water. Akari Mizunashi, at the age of 15, has left everything behind to travel to that reborn world, now known as Aqua. More than anything, Akari wants to be an “undine” – a female gondolier who navigates the canals of the Aquan city of Neo-Venezia. As she begins her training with the prestigious Aria Company, will she be up to the challenges that await her on the path to achieve her dream?

Ortiz, Knotz, and Calvello released videos to celebrate their cast reveals. You can check these out below:

Michelle Knotz

Jessica Calvello

Lisa Ortiz

Sources: Kickstarter