It’s time for a moment of silence, as we wish a sad farewell to Ane LaLa.

The latest issue of Hakusensha’s Ane LaLa magazine was the last in the publication’s history. The issue featured the final chapter of Masami Tsuda’s Hinoko as its cover feature.

Ane LaLa was originally launched as a “big sister” to the long-running LaLa magazine, and was aimed at a more mature audience. The publication specialized in guest-written shorts, though several titles did find a home in serialization. The publication launched as a trimonthly publication in 2013, before shifting to a bimonthly format in 2014.

Ane LaLa‘s closure did leave a few titles in flux:

  • Tomo Matsumoto’s Inferno magazine has one chapter remaining. The installment will be released online in February 2018, alongside the final collected volume.
  • Ken Saito’s Kawaii Hito will move to LaLa DX in the January 2018 issue. A special chapter will run in LaLa this October.
  • Chiaki Karasawa’s Kaoruko in Wonderland will shift to LaLa DXem. in the November 2017 issue.
  • Nari Kusakawa’s Tokyo Kooni Life will see irregular serialization in LaLa DX, though a premiere date has yet ot be announced.
  • Masami Morio’s Otona no Kobayashi-kun will make its return online in mid-November.
  • Yaeko Kashi’s YamaKoi ~Yama de Koi wa Umareru ka~ will make its return online in mid-November.
  • Meca Tanaka’s Asa made Matemasen! will see its second collected volumes hit stores on December 5.

Source: Comic Natalie