If you’re looking for the ship to Iscandar, you just missed it. You’ll have to deal with the doof chasing the fried treat instead.

Yesterday, Gonzo announced that they are producing an anime TV series based on Satoshi Miyakawa and illustrator Kei Itō’s Space Battleship Tiramisu (Uchū Senkan Tiramisu). An official website for the project opened its doors, which confirms that the series will hit Japanese TV in 2018.

Kei Itō produced an illustration to celebrate the announcement, which you can check out below:

Both Miyakawa and Itō commented on the reveal (Note: these are rough translations):

Satoshi Miyakawa

I’m imagining the scnee where Subaru and Isu travel around the screen as the view narrows, and the scene where a skewer of kushikatsu (deep fried meat) is floating around the cockpit. I couldn’t help but laugh when imagining either of them. I hope that hte charp of the Space Battleship Tiramisu anime will be fully realized by Gonzo.

Happy to see this animated~!

Kei Itō

I designed the visual style with the hope that the hand of an animator could bring my art to life, give it a voice, and even put some fight into it. This time, I’m honored to see my wish come true with the strength of Gonzo’s team.

We will channel this joy as we continue to work on the manuscript, so more people can enjoy Space Battleship Tiramisu.

Satoshi Miyakawa and illustrator Kei Itō’s Space Battleship Tiramisu manga debuted on Shinchosha’s Kurage Bunch platform in October 2015. The title currently spans three collected volumes, with a fourth set to ship on Friday.

Source: Comic Natalie