I can see it… I can see the future!

Earlier today, TOHO opened an official website for Mamoru Hosoda’s newest film. The site features a visual, a trailer, and several staff reveals for the movie, which is titled Mirai in the Future (Mirai no Mirai), as well as a brief plot synopsis.

We break the details down below.


The 30-second promo features brief snippets of animation, as a narrator explains the film’s concept. The trailer ends with a confirmation that Mirai in the Future will open on July 20, 2018.

Aussie distributor Madman started streaming a subtitled version of the trailer today, which you can check out below:

Key Visual

The image features lead character Kun-chan and the older Mirai. Mirai is holding Kuu by the arm as the two descend against a brilliant blue sky. The tagline reads “I met the future.”


Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) is directing the project at Studio Chizu. Hosoda is also credited with the scripts and original story. Other staffers include:

  • Animation Director: Hiroyuki Aoyama
  • Animation Director: Ayako Hata
  • Art Director: Yohei Takamatsu
  • Art Director: Takashi Omori
  • Producer: Yuichiro Saito

All five staffers previously worked with Hosoda on other films.

According to Hosoda, he wrote the screenplay on his own, though he listened to “opinions and the experiences of the producers.”


Mirai in the Future revolves around a typical family living a typical life in a small house in a little-known corner of a non-specific city. This small family of three has a four-year-old boy named Kun-chan, who is admittedly pretty spoiled.

Kun-chan’s life is forever changed when a little sister named Mirai enters the picture. With the new baby, Kun-chan feels as if his new sister stole his parents’ affection from him. He’s quickly overwhelmed by the numerous experiences he goes through for the very first time.

As if a new family member wasn’t enough, Kun-chan encounters a second Mirai, an older version of his sister who hails from the future.


Mirai in the Future will open on July 20, 2018.

Mirai was first shown off in May at the Cannes Film Festival. Charades, a new international sales group headed by former Wild Bunch employee Carole Baraton, former StudioCanal member Pierre Mazars, and former Gaumont head of sales Yohann Comte, repped the film at the festival.

Comte handled sales for The Boy and the Beast while he was at Gaumont.

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