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Crunchyroll Adds “Record of Grancrest War”, 3 More to Winter 2018 Simulcasts

Sheathe your swords and shine your armour, because we’re heading to Lodoss Is… wait… we’re not? It’s a different place? Ah, crap.

Earlier today, Crunchyroll announced that they’re adding four new titles to their Winter 2018 simulcast lineup.

The company will stream the following:

  • Record of Grancrest War (Grancrest Senki)
  • The Ryuo’s Work is Never Done! (Ryūō no Oshigoto!)
  • Mitchiri Neko
  • School Babysitters (Gakuen Babysitters

We break the details down below:

Record of Grancrest War

Premiere Date: 1/5/2018 at 10:30AM Eastern (7:30AM Pacific)

Record of Grancrest War will be available to members in the following regions:

  • North America
  • Central America
  • South America
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland

The series is based on a light novel series by Record of Lodoss War creator Ryo Mizuno and illustrator Miyuu. Mamoru Hatakeyama (Sankarea: Undying Love, Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East) was tapped to direct the project at A-1 Pictures, with Hiroshi Yakou providing character designs. The team of Ryo Mizuno (Record of Lodoss War) and Shunsaku Yano will take charge of series composition.

Crunchyroll describes Record of Grancrest War as:

“I, Siluca Meletes, hereby make a contract with the Crest of Knight Theo, and swear my allegiance for all of eternity.” A lone mage named Siluca and a vagrant knight named Theo make an oath as master and retainer, with hopes of bringing reform to a land riddled with war and chaos. Atlatan, a land ruled by chaos. Fearing disaster brought about by chaos, the people lived protected by “Lords;” those with the power of “Crests,” used to suppress the chaos. However, the Lords decided to abandon the concept of protecting the people and turn against each other secretly in war, stealing each other’s Crests to gain dominion over one another. Among these people are Siluca, a lone mage who despises the Lords, and Theo, a vagrant knight who continues his journey of training to someday liberate his homeland from tyrannical rule. Enticed by Theo’s ideals, Siluca’s coercive tactics have the two forming a contract and together, the pair work to reform a war-torn land. Unfolding around the crystal of order, “Grancrest,” the world’s greatest record of war fantasy begins!

The Ryuo’s Work is Never Done!

Premiere Date: 1/8/2018 at 10:00AM Eastern (7:00AM Pacific)

The Ryuo’s Work is Never Done! will be available to users in the following regions:

  • North America
  • the United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • the Netherlands
  • Scandinavia
  • Latin America

Shinsuke Yanagi (And you thought there is never a girl online?, Momokyun Sword) is directing the series at studio Project No. 9, with Akane Yano (And you thought there is never a girl online?) providing character designs. Fumihiko Shimo (Amagi Brilliant Park, New Game!) is in charge of series composition for the show.

Crunchyroll describes The Ryuo’s Work is Never Done! as:

The protagonist opens his door to find himself face-to-face with a sadist… “I’ve come to be made your pupil, like you promised!” Kuzuryu Yaichi holds one of the highest titles in the shogi world, “Ryuo”, at the age of 16. The girl who has shown up at his front door is Hinatsuru Ai, a nine-year-old in the third grade. “Huh? Pupil? What?” “Don’t you remember?” Though he doesn’t remember her, the duo’s life together thus begins. Eventually, Ai’s honest enthusiasm helps Yaichi rediscover the passion he had begun to lose.

Mitchiri Neko

Premiere Date: 1/8/2018 at 4:15AM Eastern (1:15AM Pacific)

Mitchiri Neko will be available to all users outside of Asia.

The series, which is based on Frencel’s popular marketing franchise mascot of the same name, will be directed by Kyō Yatate (Bananya, CoCO & NiCO) at helo, inc.

Crunchyroll describes Mitchiri Neko as:

The cute and mysterious cat-like creatures called Mitchiri Neko that seem to gather around each other if you leave them alone now get their own anime with a glorious voice cast! The free and happy-go-lucky Mitchiri Neko’s daily life is filled fluff and surreal laughs! Say it with me, “Mitchiri! Mitchiri!”

School Babysitters

Premiere Date: 1/7/2018 at 11:00AM Eastern (8:00AM Pacific)

School Babysitters will be available to users in the following regions:

  • US
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • the Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Latin America
  • Central America
  • South America

The series is based on Hari Tokeino’s manga of the same name. Shūsei Morishita is directing the project at Brain’s Base, with Mina Ōsawa providing character designs. Yuuko Kakihara (Chihayafuru 2, Digimon Adventure tri. Chapters 1-4) is in charge of series composition for the title.

Crunchyroll describes School Babysitters as:

Ryuichi and Kotaro are brothers who lost their parents in an airplane crash. They’re taken in by the chairman of Morinomiya Academy, who lost her son and daughter-in-law in the same crash, on one condition: Ryuichi has to babysit the kids at the daycare room in the school! This room was opened to help the school’s teachers who had kids to take care of, but it suffers from a lack of staff until Ryuichi becomes the first member of the babysitter club formed to solve that problem.

Source: Crunchyroll

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