B't X USA DVD BoxartGood grief, this sounds like a freaking 1997 dub. I mean that in a good way!

Earlier today, dubbing studio Sound Cadence Studios announced the English dub cast for B’t X. The adaptation will star the following:

  • Teppei: Eric Vale
  • X: Jeremy Inman
  • Kotaro & Kotaro (Young): Josh Grelle
  • Karen: Morgan Garrett
  • Aramis: Caitlin Glass
  • Metal Face: Tyson Rinehart
  • ​Madonna: Rachel Rigg
  • Fou: J. Michael Tatum
  • J’Taime: Tia Ballard
  • Hokuto: Christopher Bevins
  • Max: Clarine Harp
  • Ron: Ian Sinclair
  • Raido: Marcus Stimac
  • Kari: Joanna Beatty
  • Misha: Alison Viktorin
  • Nasha: Natalie Hoover
  • Teppei (Young): Kristen McGuire
  • Gaku & Big Rock: Amber Lee Connors
  • Captain Hook: Robert McCollum
  • Groupie: Chuck Huber
  • Camilla: Meli Grant
  • Mirage: Melissa Sternenberg
  • Misslim: Curtis Arnott
  • La Lainya & Cyber Whip: Alex Moore
  • Marcello: Justin Briner
  • Amigo: Chris Rager
  • Juggler: Mike McFarland
  • Zaji: Nick Landis
  • Kaos: Bruce Carey
  • L’Amour: Jason Marnocha
  • Balzac: Mark Stoddard
  • Mira: Gianni Matragrano
  • Leon: Brandon Potter
  • Rai: R Bruce Elliott
  • Savannah: Zach Bolton
  • Maria: Alexis Tipton
  • God of Death & Aleph: Tyler Walker
  • Bem: Alejandro Saab
  • Cancer: Ricco Fajardo
  • Crow: Daman Mills
  • Falcon: Chris Guerrero
  • Lena: Jād Saxton
  • Doctor Nitzin: Howard Wang
  • Bat: Scott Frerichs
  • Teppei’s Father: Kent Williams
  • Teppei’s Mother: Marissa Lenti

Jeremy Inman and Jimmy David Taylor are directing the adaptation, with Marissa Lenti and Amber Lee Connors serving as assistant ADR directors. Other dub crew members include:

  • ADR Engineer: Matt Grounds
  • ADR Engineer: Patrick Morphy
  • ADR Engineer: Travis Torres
  • Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Landon Lipinski
  • Project Lead: Marissa Lenti
  • Talent Coordinator: Sally Haden
  • Production Assistant: Howard Wang

Sound Cadence also revealed an English dub trailer for the project, which you can check out below:

Anime Midstream will release B’tx on August 3. The publisher originally released the first episodes in North America as singles in 2017.

B’t X originally aired in the Spring 1996 broadcast season. Mamoru Hamatsu (Ronin Warriors: Gaiden, Lupin III: Return of Pycal) directed the project and took charge of series composition at TMS Entertainment. The team of Eisaku Inoue (One Piece: Mega Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle, Ring ni Kakero 1: Shadow) and Hideyuki Motohashi (Ceres, Celestial Legend, Fushigi Yugi) took charge of character designs.

Anime Midstream describes B’t X as:

Kotaro Takamiya has invented a new kind of machine which can be directed by little more than human imagination and will. In the shadows, the Machine Empire has secretly harnessed this technology to create a powerful new form of automation. Deadly free thinking weapons called B’ts.

After years of absence, Kotaro’s joyous reunion with his brother Teppei is cut short when the two brothers are attacked. Kotaro is kidnapped and Teppei gives chase only to find himself cornered in a junkyard when a miracle appears. His spilled blood awakens the legendary B’t X.

Despite X’s mulish resistance, Teppei eventually proves himself a worthy successor of X’s might and together they embark on a crusade against the Machine Empire to rescue Kotaro.

But their conflict soon escalates when they discover the true reason for Kotaro’s capture and the fate of the planet now hinges on their success!

Source: Sound Cadence Studios