Giant Robo OVA VisualThis true, timeless classic shall return to North America once again.

Earlier today, Discotek Media announced that they acquired the domestic rights to Giant Robo. The publisher will release the entire seven-episode OVA, plus the Ginrei OVA specials on Blu-Ray.

Discotek noted that, while the Giant Robo OVA will be in 1080p HD, the Ginrei OVAs will be presented in standard definition. The company’s release will include both English dubs, as well as the original Japanese audio.

Giant Robo is an original OVA series from Mu Animation Studio. The seven-episode series, which ran from July 1992 through January 1998, was directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa (Getter Robo Armageddon, Tetsujin 28th). Mitsuteru Yokoyama provided character designs for the project, while the team of Imagawa and Eiichi Matsuyama wrote the screenplay.

L.A. Hero originally released Giant Robo in North America on LaserDisc. When the publisher’s license expired, the team of U.S. Renditions and Manga Entertainment releaesed Giant Robo on VHS. After Manga Entertainment’s license expired, Media Blasters picked up the title. They produced a new dub at NYAV Post, and released it on DVD.

Media Blasters describes Giant Robo as:

The Shizuma Drive has launched humanity into a golden age of prosperity. In the shadows, Big Fire, a secret brotherhood, adopts one goal: directing the world towards chaos! The Experts of Justice, a team of operatives, aim to stop this disaster. The key to saving the world is their brave new member, a boy named Daisaku Kusama, and the machine he commands…

Source: Twitter (DiscotekMedia)