It’s time to open the door to the world…

Earlier today Bandai Namco started streaming a new teaser for ANEMONE / Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution. The promo features the first ten minutes of the film in their entirety.

ANEMONE / Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution opened on November 10

Anemone Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution Key VisualTomoki Kyoda (Eureka Seven AO, RahXephon) directed the film at Bones, with Kenichi Yoshida (Eureka Seven – good night, sleep tight, young lovers, Overman King Gainer) providing character designs. Dai Sato (Eureka Seven, Freedom) wrote the title’s script.

RUANN performed main theme song There’s No Ending.

The confirmed voice cast includes:

  • Eureka: Kaori Nazuka
  • Anemone: Ami Koshimizu
  • Renton: Yuko Sanpei
  • Dominic: Shigenori Yamazaki
  • Dominic (App): Shigenori Yamazaki
  • Mischa Stravinskaya: Yoko Soumi
  • Sonia Wakabayashi: Yuriko Yamaguchi
  • Greg Bear Igan: Banjou Ginga
  • Banks: Shinichiro Miki
  • Ken Ishii: Yuya Uchida
  • Dewey Novak: Kouji Tsujitani
  • Oliver Brown: ???
  • Ramón Zimmer: ???
  • Shibata: ???

Visuals for the characters were also revealed, which you can check out below.

ANEMONE / Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution is an original story, which revolves around Eureka and Anemone. The series begins with Ken leaving his daughter Anemone behind to fight in the war. He never returned, leaving a hole in young Anemone’s heart, from being unable to say her goodbyes.

Seven years later, the girl makes her way to Tokyo, to the battlefield where her father fell. Humanity’s hope was entrusted to the girl, who was a member of experimental unit “Acid”, where she would combat enemy of humanity, the Eureka Seven. Driven to the brink of despair, humanity entrusts itself to Anemone, who plunges deep into Eureka Seven’s interior.

Anemone encounters the young man Dominic, as well as the blue-green haired girl named Eureka. What does their encounter mean? And what does the appearance of Renton foretell?

Dewey,a mysterious man who was also captured by the UF Forces, predicts that “the Eureka Seven you are looking at isn’t what you seek. It’s a false god, which creates and destroys countless needless worlds. A so-called trash mountain.”

When Eureka and Anemone meet, the truth becomes clear, as the door to an all-new world opens.

Source: Twitter (WTK)