On December 6, Crunchyroll started streaming a behind-the-scenes documentary for the Food Wars! anime series. The 42-minute promo features footage of the production process for the series at J.C. Staff, as well as numerous interviews with more than a half-dozen staffers. The interview segments include commentary by the following:

  • Original Author: Yuko Tsukuda
  • Director: Yoshitomo Yonetani
  • Writer: Shogo Yasukawa
  • Animation Producer: Atsushi Fujishiro
  • Art Director: Koichiro Bizen
  • Food Setting: Dayna Akahara
  • Special Effects: Miho Kimura
  • CGI Director: Shunsuke Kasuga
  • Color Setting: Yukiko Ito

Food Wars! The Fourth Plate started airing on October 11. Yoshitomo Yonetani is directing the new season at J.C. Staff, with Tomoyuki Shitaya providing character designs. Shogo Yasukawa is in charge of series composition for the project.

Food Wars The Fourth Plate Anime VisualCrunchyroll is streaming the title as it airs in Japan, and describe it as:

Shokugeki no Soma centers on Yukihira Soma, a middle school student who is determined to surpass his father’s culinary skills. One day, his father decides to close down their family restaurant and hone his skills in Europe. Before leaving he enrolls Soma in an elite culinary school that is extremely difficult to enter with a graduation rate of only 10 percent. Will Soma be able to improve his skills, or will the kitchen prove to be too hot?

Source: YouTube (Crunchyroll)