Goodbye, Anipike! In the days of dial-up internet, the Anime Web Turnpike was the place to go for all things anime-related. Unfortunately, things aren’t always meant to last. Over the weekend, the site quietly shut down, with no fanfare or tearful goodbyes.

Happy Birthday, Otaku Journalist! While AniPike bid its farewell to the internet, Otaku Journalist celebrated its fifth year of operations on Friday. Happy Anniversary, and best of luck in the next five years!

Rin-Ne? On the way! The 23rd volume of Rumiko Takahashi’s Rin-Ne announced that a TV adapatation of the series is in the works. It’ll air on NHK’s E Tele channel starting in spring 2015.

Given that this is a Rumiko Takahashi series, who’s going to start taking bets on how long things will run?

Ashita no… NO! Last week, a man was arrested for illegally entering Ashita no Joe creator Tetsuya Chiba’s vacation home. 28-year-old Hiroshi Ito broke into the house on Friday with (alleged) plans to steal from the location. The suspect denied the charge, stating that he was “only passing through.”

Blu-tiful Dreamer. After a number of false starts and missed deadlines, Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer is finally hitting Blu-Ray in Japan! Mamoru Oshii’s renowned film will hit Japanese store shelves early next year, with a gorgeous remastered print.

Not so Super Smash Bros? With Super Smash Bros. For Wii U due to hit stores this week, TI-83 calculator owners can get a truly offbeat take on the formula. Modder Hayleia released a surprisingly complete version of the game earlier this week.

Smash Bros TI83

Have you really seen it all? We all know those classic trends, memes, and fads that appeared on the internet. Whether it was the dancing baby, Trololo, or the classic “I’m the Juggernaut Bitch” short, most people think they’ve seen it all. Greg Ruttner went ahead and compiled a list of 99 things that just about everybody should have seen, and it’s a wonderful trip down memory lane!