Hide your valuables, San Marino, because Lupin’s on his way!

Last night, the official website for the 2015 Lupin III anime series posted a new promotional video. The 90-second teaser features several new pieces of animation, set to the second TV series’ iconic theme song.


Earlier this week, we reported that original Lupin III composer Yuji Ohno will reprise his role in the new series.

Lupin III will d├ębut on Italian TV station RTI in May, followed by a Japanese release this fall. This year’s series marks the first mainline Lupin III title in thirty years. While Lupin and company did appear in numerous films and spinoffs like 2012’s Lupin The Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, this is the first actual Lupin TV series since the second title ended on September 28, 1985.

Two key visuals were released for the series since its first announcement, which you can check out below:

Source: Lupin III Twitter Account