Last year, Rin Hoshizora was the face of Sega. This week, she’s set her sights on the ramen world!

Or something!

Earlier today, the official Love Live! website announced that the franchise will partner with food brand AceCook. The food giant will offer a line of instant cup ramen, featuring μ’s’ resident noodle connoisseur, Rin Hoshizora.

The Rin-branded ramen will begin appearing in stores across Japan on June 1, with three packs retailing for 200 yen. Two flavors will be available:

  • I Love Soy Pork and Onion Ramen
  • I Love Wild Leek and Spicy Pork Ramen

In addition to the branding, fans will have a chance at finding one of four Love Live! The School Idol Movie stickers under the lid.

Note: The sticker language is a bit murky, and we parsed to the best of our abilities. Crunchyroll reports that all four will be included in each cup. Our translation is below:

Campaign Details:

  1. Purchase is necessary. Winning packages will include the AceCook Limited Seal under the lid.
  2. Losing package if the seal isn’t present.

Source: Official Love Live! Website