WagakkiBand 001 - 20150531Watch out, KISS Army! You have some competition at Anime Expo.

Last night, the convention announced that rock group WagakkiBand and Vocaloid IA will perform at the convention. Both WagakkiBand and IA are slated to perform at the Anime Expo presents Cool Japan Festival on July 4. Both concerts will be held at Club Nokia L.A. Live.

WagakkiBand blends traditional rock music with traditional Japanese instrumentation, and features a vocalist who recites traditional poetry. The group performed the opening and closing themes for the Samurai Warriors anime series.

The group also saw a viral success with their Senbonzakura music video, which enjoys over 20 million views on YouTube.

Voicaloid IA 001 - 20150531Digital Diva IA first hit the scene as part of Vocaloid3, which shipped to retailers in September 2011. Her voice is based on that of singer Lia (Angel Beats!, Clannad).

IA’s career kicked off with a live tour in 2012, followed by a number of collaborations with video game Groove Coaster and a number of fashion brands. Since then, she’s become the lead voice of JIN’s Kagerou Project. Her performance in JIN’s “Encore” concert screened in New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Source: Anime Expo