Preparations are kicking off for the Ghoul Carnival.

Yesterday, the Tokyo Ghoul anime cast unveiled the first promotional video for the upcoming Tokyo Ghoul: Jack OVA.

The trailer, which was shown at a Tokyo Ghoul √A “Ghoul Carnival” event, confirmed that the OVA will hit retailers this fall.

Tokyo Ghoul: Jack was first announced in March, following the finale of Tokyo Ghoul √A. The series will be a prequel to the original Tokyo Ghoul, which revolves around an incident in Tokyo’s 13th Ward.

Specifically, the series revolves around a ghoul that feasts on human flesh. To learn the truth about the fate of his friend, high school student Taishi Fura joins ace investigator Kishō Arima to help pursue a ghoul known only as “Lantern.” Basically, it’s an origin that explains how the duo first met.

The promo video is actually the second promotion for the series. A commercial for Tokyo Ghoul: Jack and the Tokyo Ghoul stage play hit the airwaves in March.

Source: Anime News Network