Earlier today, she was hawking TVs. Now, though? Major Motoko Kusanagi is here to kick some ass.

The official Ghost in the Shell YouTube Channel began streaming a twelve minute extended promo for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell: Shin Gekijōban (Ghost in the Shell: New Movie Edition). In the clip, Kusanagi takes action on a hostage situation.


Ghost in the Shell: New Movie Edition will open in 105 Japanese theaters on June 20. The film is a prequel to the franchise that aims to explain the origin of Public Security Section 9, while fleshing out the past of central character Motoko Kusanagi.

Earlier today, we reported that the franchise was being used in a co-branding campaign with Sony to promote the Bravia X9300C line of 4K televisions.

To date, a pair of key visuals, and a second promotional video were released to hype the film.

Key Visuals

Promo Video

Source: Anime Anime!