Toonami will celebrate the United States’ independence with fusions and charging. In fact, The hype level’s already over 9000!

During their broadcast on Saturday, Toonami announced that they will host a Dragon Ball Z Kai marathon on July 4th. In an event Toonami’s calling the “4th of July DBZ-athon,” the network will air six episodes of Dragon Ball Z Kai, followed immediately by the series finale of Attack on Titan.

Adult Swim’s no stranger to marathons of this nature. For this year’s Memorial Day, the network aired a Kill la Kill marathon, and an Attack on Titan marathon for Labor Day in 2014.

Dragon Ball Z Kai has been airing on Toonami since November 8, 2014. Since its premiere, the show has maintained ratings of about 0.7 (912,000 viewers) and 0.8 (roughly 1,157,000 viewers). The most recent recorded ratings saw Toonami attract 1,157,000 viewers, with 653,000 being in the age 18-49 demographic.

Source: Crunchyroll