And now, for some news that one could only call “funky”:

The latest issue of Kadokawa’s Monthly Comic Alive magazine revealed that Non Non Biyori creator Atto is working on a new anime series. While no details on the title are available, the magazine confirmed that Atto will provide the original character designs.

Atto New Anime Series Reveal - 20150727

The October issue of Monthly Comic Alive will feature a special cover that features Non Non Biyori and the new anime series when it hits newsstands on August 27.

Non Non Biyori began its run in September 2009, and is currently running in Monthly Comic Alive magazine. The series spawned two anime series and an OVA, all of which were helmed by Shin’ya Kawatsura at Silver Link.

The latest season, Non Non Biyori Repeat is currently running in Japan. Crunchyroll is streaming both seasons on its service. In North America, Sentai Filmworks holds the rights to both Non Non Biyori and Non Non Biyori Repeat.

Source: Otakomu